Remove 8 Poly Border™ pieces and 8 grout clips from the box.

1. Install a grout clip on each end of the first piece of Poly Border™.line up the grooves on the Poly Border™ and grout clip then move grout clip upward into the Poly Border™ piece making sure the bottom pieces are flush and fully seated, (grout clips can be easily removed with a downward motion).

2. Take the second piece of Poly Border ™and install a grout clip on the left side, (moving it in a clockwise direction). Slide the second piece onto the first piece, holding the Poly Border™ piece horizontal, line the grooves up, push downward and lock together. Repeat this step for the next five Poly Border™pieces.

3. At this step all you have left is one piece of Poly Border™ without grout clips. Install last piece of Poly Border™ to complete the design.

In an established yard where grass has to be removed, use the Poly Border™ design as a template. With a spade of flat shovel held in a vertical position, cut grass along the entire edge of the Poly Border™.

Once grass is cut, remove one section of Poly Border™ (no grout clips) and move or slide the Poly Border™ design out of the work area.

In an established yard with grass removed where Poly Border™ will be installed, (Top of Poly Border™ to be at CUT GRASS height). To do this, you might have to remove some soil to achieve the 3 1/2" trough. Using a shovel to remove soil the width of the shovel for the design to be placed. Use a measuring tape to measure from soil to cut grass height of 3 1/2 ". Using a soil temper or brick, pack soil firmly around the design and re-measure. It needs to measure approximately 3 1/2".

At this point if you are using weed fabric, it needs to be cut to fit the area in the design. Cut fabric along grass edge for a perfect fit (no dirt showing means no weeds).
Install Poly Border™ into place on top of the fabric and install the last Poly Border piece to complete the design.

Drip Lines/Lights, etc. can be installed under the Poly Border™ at this point.

Each Poly Border™ piece has anchoring tabs for extra support on uneven group. Fabric pies, larger nails or small stakes can be used as anchors. (Sold Separately)

Now you can install your bark, rock or flowers in your tree circle area.

Sit back and enjoy what you have just accomplished by using Poly Border™.

Arizona Applied Engineering warranties this product to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period 1 year from date of purchase.